17 outubro 2011



Não poderia dormir sem contar o que me ocorreu hoje, à noite pq foi qndo minha mãe foi dar uma olhada na caixa de correspondência. Sabe o que havia lá?!

Sim! Uma correspondência da universidade. Onde fui obrigada a trancar a matrícula, por não ter condições financeiras e até psicológicas na época. Aconteceram várias coisas, além das coisas que me desgostavam, um acontecimento com uma professora, que eu prefiro não falar. Além disso, minha mãe pagava a faculdade e, aposentada, somente com o salário de aposentadoria, não tem como e, eu desempregada. Mas, amanhã, hoje, rs...rs... Já são 01:21 hs, vou ligar para a faculdade para saber sobre bolsa. Quem sabe eu consigo o que tanto queria, voltar e concluir o curso superior de DIREITO?!
Como diz minha amiga blogueira Hana:"... é a presença de allah..."

                                           * * *

Vamos ver... Muita sorte para mim, eu vou precisar!!! Para ser uma das pessoas escolhidas através da promoção do JA, para vermos o show do JULIO IGLESIAS e quem sabe retomar meus estudos na faculdade. Ah, EU QUERO MUITO!!!

Arabian Fashion World | .....................FASHION CRAZE....................

Arabian Abaya Fashion week | .....................FASHION CRAZE....................

Arabian Abaya Fashion week

Abaya Fashion For Eid

Eid Dress 4

Eid Jewllrey and Dress Style 2011

Eid Jewllrey and Dress7

Eid Jewllrey and Dress9

Eid Jewllrey and Dress8

Especial para minha amiga blogueira Andreza Hana....

Special Pakistani Eid Dresses 2011;.Eid is an important event for Muslims. In the celebration of Eid, men, women and children look their best. People want to wear new clothes. Some women make their own clothes to follow their taste in the clothes that they wear.Eid fashion as people parade from house to house with hugs, and cries of Eid Mubarak.

Pakistani Engagement Dresses 2011

Indian Bridal Dresses Collection;-

Different Styles of Indian Bridal Necklace;.The bridal jewelry includes Maangtika, Necklace, Nose Ring, Earrings, Bangles, Waistband, Toe rings and Anklets.The traditional called Nath or the nose ring should be chosen so that is matches the earrings. The most eye catching bridal jewelry is the necklace. A perfect necklace would be in sync with the nose ring and earrings and also match the attire.

pakistani bridal makeup;.The first step of a face make up is to clean it thoroughly. This is followed by the application of a base cream, which is layered with a foundation that suits the skin tone. A sponge applicator works best. Spots or blemishes can be hidden with a concealer or a light foundation. Even the neck, front and back, must be covered with the base to avoid a dual skin tone.This must be applied on the eyelids and lips too. Next the blusher needs to be applied deftly on the upper portion of the cheeks and blended softly to the skin. This lends a rosy tint to the cheeks, thus brightening up the face.With the face done the eyes come next.Red, golden or green eye shadow complements the bride’s red dress. The eyebrow may be shaped or darkened with an eyebrow pencil.

Pakistani Lehenga Designs 2011;.These are highly bridal dres stylishses of latest fashion for every class of people and especially for the lower income class without compromising on style and elegance.Whether it is sharara, gharara, lehnga choli, or angrakha, these barat day dress or wedding outfits are available in a wide range of colors and styles.


Beautiful Glitter Nail Polish ;-Glitter nail polish is an amazing style that can be worn to parties, special events, for holidays or just every day wear.There are hundreds of amazing designs you can style using glitter nail polish,Glitter nail polish is an extremely popular look. Glitter is also super popular and trendy right now.Glitters usually differ from other polishes in that they don’t contain much of a color base. Different polishes may contain multi-colored glitter.These polishes are the simplest of the bunch;they are, in essence, pure color special glitter bases.

These polishes have no shine to them and can therefore offer a great way to switch up your nail polish look. These polishes are just as versatile as cremes and, since they’ve been trendy lately. Many companies are now producing a wide variety of matte shades.

Latest Color With White Part From Shining Nail Art;.

Matte Lipstick With Matching Nail Polish For Fashion;.Women are like the nail polish and lipstick. Matte Lipstick With Matching Nail Polish stunning range of fashion in spired shade that look amzaing with evey look.In this effort, many women match nail polish to their lipstick as well. It matching lipstick and nail polish is available in website.

Eid French Manicure Nail Designs;.

Pakistani Abaya Styles for Pakistani Women

Pakistani Abaya styles for Pakistani Women and modern college girls, download latest and new Pakistani Abaya style 2011. Ladies Fashion in Pakistan.The traditional Abaya Styles is a simple black dress worn by Muslim women to cover their usual clothes.

it can be called as a long-sleeved gown-like dress and is the old-style form of dress for many countries.Abayas is a Muslim culture for Muslim girls and a common wear upper dress in all Muslim countries like Iran, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Arab, Egypt, Turkey, Sudan etc but this culture is attractive a fashion or trend that mostly western countries.

Pakistani Groom Wedding Dresses 2011

Pakistani Groom Wedding Dresses 2011;-Wedding is a celebration of new beginning of life as Mr and Mrs. Shalwar kameez is the traditional dress of Pakistani men and women. Sherwani comes in different styles and designs. Sherwani is a traditional garment worn by men during wedding.

It is an occasion of great importance always celebrated with great fun and festivity. Sherwani is long coat, buttoned up in front with ban collars.Many new designers made many changes in grooms look by giving new colors and designs to wedding dresses. Sherwani is also wedding dress in Pakistan.Pakistani Groom to wear the best on wedding day.

Indian Planner Wedding Function

Arabian Abaya Fashion Designs
This Abaya fashion show starts a new trend instead of traditional abaya culture.Abayas is a Muslim culture for Muslim girls and a common wear upper dress in all Muslim countries like Iran, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Arab, Egypt, Turkey, Sudan etc but this culture is becoming a fashion or trend that mostly western countries also preferring these Abaya wear.

Latest Women Black Abaya

Arabian Abaya Fashion Designs3

Arabian Abaya Fashion Designs3

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Feliz Páscoa!!

Olá seguidores! Hoje vou falar de moda, como me visto e como lido com as tendências. Sempre gostei de ver tudo sobre moda, as tendências...