Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday Mr President


GlamorousGirl disse…
love it!
Monica disse…
yes! Why not? I'm your new follower!! I hope you'll be my follower too!! a kiss
Fashionfazed disse…
Hello there!

Thank you so much for your comment, which blog post post was your favorite?

Also i have followed your blog, i absolutely LOVE your design! Sooo pretty

Lots of love
Virgit disse…
Love Marylin I love the way she sings Happy birthday really sexy
thanks so much sweetie for your lovely comment at my blog following you Hope you follow me back as you said so on my blog kisses
Dena TsaL disse…
Beautiful blog!Love Merilyn too!I have too big posts of her in my bedroom's wall!
Come visit my blog if you want!
Kisses from Style LimeLight
Hi, I'm Dani disse…
Thank you for your nice comment!
I now follow you :) hope you follow me back...

xoxo Dani
alice disse…
hey ! thanks for your lovely comment ! i am following you now =)
Camila. disse…
Eu A-DO-REI o seu blog! E a postagem também!
Já estou seguindo, se não se importar, segue o meu também?

Beeeeeeeeijos e te espero lá!
Erica disse…
Que legal esse video
seguindo segue e me ajuda?
AndréiaFSalim disse…
Hello dear,Erica, Camila., alice, Hi, I'm Dani, Virgit, Fashionfazed, Monica !

Thanks for the comment and follow me !!!:)
I visit each one of you!

A big kiss from Brazil!;):):)
AndréiaFSalim disse…
Hello dear, GlamorousGirl, Dena TsaL!

Thanks for the comment and hope you follow me back ... xoxo !!!:)
I visit each one of you!

A big kiss from Brazil!;):):)
Anete disse…
Thanks for visiting my blog!
Yes, we can follow to each other! :)
You have nice blog.

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